What are some no code tools I can use with AI?

AI and No Code: The Perfect Pair for Building the Future

Understanding No-Code and AI

You've probably heard a lot about AI lately. It seems like everyone's talking about how it's going to change the world. But unless you're a computer scientist, working with AI can feel totally out of reach. That's where no code comes in. No code tools allow anyone to leverage the power of AI through simple drag-and-drop interfaces. In this article, we'll explore some of the top no code platforms that make AI accessible to all. Whether you're a business owner, marketer, or hobbyist, you can now easily incorporate AI into your projects and take your skills to the next level. No advanced technical knowledge needed! We'll look at tools to build chatbots, generate content, analyze data, and more. So get ready to unlock the potential of AI in just a few clicks. The future is here and you can be part of it.

Top No-Code AI Tools to Try

To build the future, no-code tools and AI are the perfect combination. No-code tools allow anyone to create web and mobile apps, workflows, and automations without writing a single line of code. Think of them like visual programming interfaces - you just drag and drop components to build what you need. Some popular no-code tools include Zapier, Airtable, and Bubble.

AI or artificial intelligence, on the other hand, uses machine learning algorithms to mimic human intelligence. AI powers technologies like chatbots, image recognition, predictive analytics, and more. When combined with no-code tools, AI allows anyone to implement powerful AI features into their apps and automations.

For example, you could create a chatbot in a no-code tool like Anthropic and use their AI to understand natural language and respond appropriately. Or build an app on Bubble that uses an AI for image tagging. The possibilities are endless!

No-code and AI are extremely complementary and together make building the future accessible to everyone. As both technologies continue to advance, creating software will become faster, more intuitive, and open to people without a technical background.

The future is no-code and the future is AI. But the real future is no-code and AI, together. These disruptive technologies will transform how we work and connect, placing the power of creation into the hands of millions. And that future starts now. What will you build?

Anthropic - AI Content & Copywriting

There are some amazing no-code AI tools out there that anyone can use to build powerful AI applications. Anthropic AI

This tool lets you create conversational AI without coding. You can build chatbots, voice assistants and more by simply uploading your data and training the models. Anthropic AI handles all the machine learning behind the scenes. All you have to do is provide examples of the types of conversations you want your AI to have.

Google AI Platform

Google's AI Platform is a no-code environment for building machine learning models. You can use their pre-trained models or upload your own data to create custom models. The interface is very intuitive, with options for image classification, object detection, language modeling and more. Google AI Platform is free to use and a great way for beginners to experiment with machine learning.

IBM Watson Assistant

Build conversational AI with IBM's Watson Assistant. This tool provides an easy to use interface for creating chatbots, virtual agents and voice assistants. You provide examples of the types of conversations you want the assistant to handle, and Watson Assistant will create a machine learning model to enable natural language interactions. Watson Assistant is available as a cloud-based service, with a free starter plan to get you building quickly.

With tools like these, anyone can start experimenting with AI, no coding required. The potential for small businesses, startups and individuals to leverage the power of AI is huge. And as these no-code platforms continue to improve, building AI systems will only become more accessible. The future is bright, and you don't even need to know how to code to be a part of it!

Jasper - AI Voice Assistant

AI-Generated Copy

Anthropic is an AI company that uses natural language generation to produce copy and content for businesses. Their AI system can generate blog posts, product descriptions, email newsletters, and more based on a few simple inputs. Just provide a topic or product and Anthropic's AI will get to work researching and writing custom content for you.

The best part is, the content is indistinguishable from human writing. Anthropic's AI mimics human language and writing styles to produce copy that flows naturally and speaks directly to your target audience. This allows you to scale your content creation and focus your human writers on more complex, strategic pieces.

Customizable & Controllable

With Anthropic's AI, you have full control and customization over the content that is generated. You can specify the desired reading level, word count, keywords, product attributes, and brand voice. The AI will then generate content tailored exactly to your needs.

If there's ever any content you want to modify or build upon, you have full access to revise the AI's work. Anthropic's system also continues to learn from the content you choose to revise, improving its knowledge and adapting to your brand voice over time. This combination of control and customization gives you the power to leverage AI for your content needs on your terms.

Integrations & APIs

Anthropic offers simple APIs and integrations that allow you to implement their AI copywriting solution directly into your existing content workflows and platforms. You can generate content, download it for editing, and publish - all without leaving your content management system or website builder.

For a no code solution, Anthropic's AI copywriting can be used as a standalone tool with a simple web interface. Either way, implementing AI for your business's content creation has never been easier. Offload the repetitive parts of content generation to Anthropic's AI and get back to the creative work that really matters.

Play.ht - AI Logo & Design Generator

Jasper is an open source voice assistant that allows you to create your own voice-enabled applications. It integrates with various AI services to handle natural language processing, speech recognition, and more.

Speech Recognition

Jasper uses speech recognition to convert speech into text. It supports 15 languages and a variety of accents to accurately transcribe what you say. You can use speech recognition to control Jasper through voice commands or create voice-enabled apps and services.

Natural Language Understanding

Jasper leverages natural language understanding to determine the intent and meaning behind what you say. It can understand common phrases and vocabulary to appropriately respond to questions and requests. Jasper uses natural language understanding to have more natural and engaging conversations.

Text to Speech

Jasper supports text to speech to audibly respond to you through a realistic synthesized voice. It can speak in multiple languages and accents to sound as human-like as possible during conversations. You can use text to speech to have Jasper speak notifications, alerts or provide verbal responses to voice queries.


One of the best parts about Jasper is how it integrates with other services. It works with major cloud providers like AWS, Azure and GCP to tap into their AI and machine learning capabilities. It also integrates with APIs from companies like Anthropic, Anthropic and Clarifai for computer vision, sentiment analysis and content moderation. These integrations allow you to build very sophisticated voice assistants and chatbots with Jasper.

Overall, Jasper provides an easy way for developers and companies to create their own voice-enabled applications and services. By combining speech recognition, natural language understanding and text to speech with third-party AI services, you can build some amazing voice assistants using the Jasper framework. The options are endless!

Shortly - AI Meeting Summarizer

Select a Design Style

Play.ht offers a variety of design styles to choose from, including modern minimalist, retro, and futuristic. Select a style that matches your brand and the look you want to achieve. The AI will then generate logo designs tailored to that style. For example, if you choose a minimalist style, the AI may incorporate simple geometric shapes, clean lines, and a limited color palette. A retro style may use distressed textures, cursive fonts, and a vintage color palette.

Provide Brand Details

Next, enter some details about your brand like company name, tagline, industry, values, and competitors. The more information you provide, the more customized the AI’s designs will be. For example, if you enter that your brand values sustainability and social impact, the AI may incorporate natural and eco-friendly elements into the logos. Competitor logos will help the AI generate logo designs that stand out in your industry.

Review & Select Logos

The AI will then generate dozens of on-brand logo options for you to review. You can favorite logos you like, ask the AI to generate more options in a specific style, or ask it to combine elements from different logos. Once you’ve found some promising contenders, download the high-resolution logo files to use on your website and marketing materials.

Play.ht makes the logo design process quick and painless. In just a few minutes, you’ll have professional logo options tailored to your brand. The AI does the heavy lifting of generating on-trend, industry-specific designs so you can avoid the lengthy process of finding and briefing a human graphic designer. For bootstrapped startups and small businesses, Play.ht provides an affordable way to get a custom logo that will make a great first impression on customers. Logo design has never been easier thanks to AI and no-code tools!

Unbounce - AI Landing Page Builder

AI powered meeting summarizers are revolutionizing how we capture and share meeting insights. Shortly is a no code tool that uses AI to automatically generate meeting summaries in real time.

Real-Time Summaries

As your meeting progresses, Shortly listens in and provides a summary of the key discussion points, action items, and decisions. The summary updates after each topic or every few minutes so you have an up-to-date record of what's been covered. No more scrambling to capture notes or relying on your memory.

Automatic Highlights

Shortly automatically highlights the most important parts of your conversation based on what's actually being said. It focuses on topics, questions, answers, action items, next steps, and key decisions. So you get a summary targeted to the core meeting outcomes.

Shareable Notes

With one click, Shortly generates shareable notes you can distribute to attendees or use as a reference for future meetings on the same topic. The notes capture highlights, key points, decisions, action items, next steps, and any other important information from your meeting. They provide context and help keep everyone on the same page going forward.


Shortly integrates with tools like Google Meet, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Slack. So you can start and stop summaries, access notes, and share insights directly within the platforms you already use. The integrations make using AI for meetings seamless and efficient.

Overall, Shortly is an easy to use AI solution that helps ensure important meetings don't end up lost in the abyss. The real-time summaries, automatic highlights, shareable notes, and tight platform integrations give you a powerful and automated way to capture and share key insights from any conversation. The days of tedious note taking and follow up emails are over. AI and no code are truly the perfect pair for building efficiency.

Descript - AI Audio & Video Editor

Unbounce is a popular no-code tool for building landing pages that integrates AI to optimize your pages. Their AI-based features can help you create high-converting landing pages even if you have no technical experience.

Smart Builder

Unbounce’s drag and drop builder makes it easy to create customized landing pages. Their Smart Builder uses AI to provide design recommendations as you build your page. It will suggest font sizes, page sections, button placements and more based on best practices for your type of page. You can accept the recommendations or ignore them if you prefer a different design.

AI Copy & Text

If you get stuck trying to write persuasive copy for your landing page, Unbounce’s AI Copy feature can generate suggestions. You enter the benefits and features you want to highlight and AI Copy will generate a draft paragraph you can use or tweak as needed. The AI Text feature goes a step further and will actually create draft headlines, subheads, bullets and more based on your input.

AI-Optimized Recommendations

Unbounce uses data from millions of landing pages to determine what converts best. Their AI provides recommendations for your page to help increase conversions. Things like placing your form higher on the page, using social proof, choosing certain types of images, etc. You can review and implement the recommendations as you see fit.

Dynamic Text Replacement

For a truly personalized experience, Unbounce allows you to use Dynamic Text Replacement. You enter a series of text options for headlines, images, body copy, etc. and Unbounce's AI will automatically choose the best options to display for each visitor based on their location, device, referring source and more. This can significantly increase your conversion rates by tailoring content for each reader.

Overall, if you're looking for an easy way to build high-converting landing pages without any technical skills, Unbounce is a great choice. Their AI-powered features provide guidance and recommendations to help you create successful landing pages, even as a beginner. Give Unbounce a try and see how their AI tools can benefit your next landing page.

FAQs - Key Questions About Using No-Code and AI Together

Descript is a great no code tool for editing audio and video using AI. With Descript, you can easily edit recordings of your voice to improve the pacing, remove filler words like “um”, or reword sentences to sound more articulate—all using just a text editor.

To get started, simply upload an audio or video file to Descript's website or mobile app. Descript will automatically transcribe the recording into text so you can see every word spoken. From there, you can edit the transcription just like you would in a document editor to make changes to the recording. Descript's AI will seamlessly modify the actual audio to match your edits.

For example, say you recorded yourself giving a presentation and want to remove some “ums” and long pauses. Just highlight those parts of the transcription and hit delete. Descript will remove the corresponding parts of the audio. Or if you stuttered over a sentence, you can retype it to sound smoother. Descript's AI will re-synthesize your voice to speak the new wording.

Descript even allows you to reorganize the structure of your recording by dragging and dropping parts of the transcription. The audio will be rearranged to match. You can also insert new recordings to add additional context or splice in audio from other sources.

With Descript, building a podcast, editing a video, or polishing a presentation is as simple as editing text. And because it's powered by AI, the end result sounds completely natural. Your edits will be undetectable to listeners.

If you're looking for an easy way to create professional audio and video, Descript is a perfect no code tool to use with its AI-based editing features. Between removing filler words, rephrasing sentences, reorganizing thoughts, and splicing in additional context, you'll have a polished final product in no time. Give Descript a try and see how much it can improve your recordings!