Estimated Monthly Searches (Web) - 1,633,097

PimEyes is an online face search engine and reverse image search tool that utilizes facial recognition technology to find pictures containing specific faces on the Internet. It is praised by various media outlets for its accuracy and capabilities in face searching. The tool is described as facial recognition on steroids and is known for its potential in identifying images online. PimEyes allows users to upload or take a photo and find out where those images are published on the web. It helps individuals protect their privacy, track down their images, and monitor their online presence. PimEyes also offers a PROtect plan, which enables users to access detailed search results, set alerts for new results, and erase unwanted photos from external websites. The tool emphasizes the use of advanced technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning to defend against scammers, identity thieves, and unauthorized image usage. PimEyes periodically releases updates and improvements to its infrastructure and technical features. The service respects privacy concerns and provides an opt-out request process for individuals who wish to exclude their photos from the search results.